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Ice age predators didn’t starve to death

Scientists have determined that ice age predators were not wiped out due to a lack of food. Beasts such as saber-toothed cats and the American lion we…

7 Terrifying Man-Eating Beasts

From a one-ton crocodile that may have killed 300 people to a leopard who munched on 250 different victims, this list of man-eating beasts is fascinating although a bit depressing. Link

Bull Leaping

For some reason, the good people of Spain really like horned, charging mammals involved in their sports. From the classic (yet controversial) bullfighting matches to the Running of the Bulls, and now an old tradition revived- Bull Leaping! At Oddity Central, Spooky writes: Teams of 5 to 7 bull leapers gather each year in cities like [...]