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Got Me a Beard

(YouTube link) The Beards is an Australian band that produces songs about facial hair. Really. Here’s their latest music video, “Got Me a Beard,” which tells the story of a man who left a girlfriend because she wanted him to shave. -via the Presurfer

Wacky New Boy Scout Ads

The Boy Scouts Of America are looking to recruit the future Ron Swanson’s of the world, but you don’t need a beard to join, you just need the desire to “be one with the wild” (their campaign slogan). Only time will tell whether their ads, featuring kids with epic beards, will increase their numbers or [...]

Police hunt Amish haircutting gang

A group of Amish men have been breaking in to homes in Ohio and cutting off people’s hair and beards. The group is believed to be part of the Bergholz…

Your Beards Are Invalid

(YouTube link) Neatorama has featured lots of very strange beards in the past, but this… this I’ve never seen. The audience at the 1991 Beard and Moustache Championship in Tacoma, WA, had a double-rainbow moment when competitor Dean Beacon revealed his entry for the Freestyle Beard portion of the contest. I think commenter moosewomb says it [...]

Beards From Below

Beards From Below is a website dedicated to taking pictures of beards…. from below. Why would someone create a website of such unique facial hair perspectives? The about page only says “about awesomeness!” I think you will agree, the best ones look like a neck with no head. Link

Bearded Superheroes

What would Robocop, Hellboy, Batman and other comic characters look like if they had beards? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Behold Croatian illustrator Vanja Mrgan’s series “Bearded”: Link – via Laughing Squid