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Spready Bear

Spready Bear – $11.95 Looking for a way to give your favorite little chef some culinary independence? Get the Spready Bear from the NeatoShop. This adorable koala shaped sandwich plate comes with a smiling mouth shaped spreader. Don’t be fooled by the photo. This Spready Bear can be used for much more than making PB&J. It’s also [...]

How One Girl and Her Teddy Bear Saved a Baby Sloth

When baby sloths eat, they cling tightly to their mothers. The instinct is so strong that the youngsters won’t eat if they aren’t cuddling. Unfortunately that also means that when a mother sloth at a zoo can’t produce enough milk to feed her baby, handlers have to come up with a creative solution to ensure [...]

How Smokey Bear Helped Win World War II

Only you can prevent forest fires, but only Smokey could help us topple the Axis powers. © CORBIS Forest fires posed a terrifying threat during World War II. Fighting wildfires required huge chunks of precious manpower that otherwise could have been utilized for building tanks or guns. Infernos also swallowed up thousands of acres of wood, a [...]

For The Truly Lazy Rich

Standing while taking a shower is so tacky. Laying down though, now that is luxurious. If you just can’t bear falling behind in the shower style wars, then you’d better get your own Dornbracht Horizontal Shower. Link Via Geekologie

Polar Bear Doing a Handstand

(Video Link) This polar bear does a handstand underwater. Why? Because he can, and the humans watching him probably can’t. -via Marginal Revoloution

Naked Vermont Governor Almost Eaten by Bears

As you might expect, Gov. Peter Shumlin was naked: “Real Vermont boys don’t wear pajamas,” he said — meaning he was naked. He told WDEV radio host Mark Johnson he was wearing as much as the bears were. He saw four bears looting his bird feeders. Naturally, he ran outside to challenge them. They backed off, and [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text: A Wild Bear Appeared!

If walking off a pier or into a fountain isn’t enough of a deterrent to Walking While Texting, then perhaps this will: you may just walk into [...]

Man Attacked by Cougar, Saved by Bear

Nature hikes are often adventures, but the one that Robert Biggs, 69, took in Whisky Flats, California, is a bit of a doozy: he was attacked by a cougar … and rescued by a [...]

Misery Bear for Sport Relief

(YouTube link) BBC Comedy’s Misery Bear does his bit to promote Sport Relief 2012, a British running event on March 25th to raise money for Comic Relief’s charitable works. As always, Misery Bear runs into obstacles in his quest, like a friendly competition with champion UK runner Mohammed “Mo” Farah and a break with a distracting [...]

A Bear’s Bare Necessity: Rock for Scratching

Image: Volker Deecke Just like Baloo said to Mowgli in The Jungle Book, look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife. That’s why a bear can [...]