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Mohawk Bone Beanie

Mohawk Beanie – $21.95  Halloween is right around the corner. Are you looking for a great hat to take you from one spooktacular season to the next? You need the Mohawk Bone Beanie from the NeatoShop. This hat is bone chillingly fun.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Zombie items.  Link

Is This the World’s Most Comfortable Movie Theater?

Instead of regulation theater seats, the Beanie Plex theater in the Sunway Pyramid mall is filled with comfy fluffy love seats! And where do we find such comfort? In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Those who write about the Beanie Plex tend to say they hope the concept spreads to a theater near them, but there’s another [...]

Zombie Beanie

Zombie Beanie – $21.95 The zombie apocalypse is coming! Are you ready! Let the Zombie Beanie from the NeatoShop help you blend in with your new undead neighbors. This fantastically gruesome knit hat comes complete with attached vinyl brain parts. Looking for the perfect zombie outfit? The Zombie Beanie pairs perfectly with the Zombie Feet Sandals. Get [...]

I Love Nerds Beanie

I Love Nerds Knit Beanie | $29.95 Let the world knew you love nerds with this rockin’ Nerd Beanie from the NeatoShop! Keeps your head warm and serves as an excellent icebreaker (pun intended) at the same time. These 100% handmade hats are made from 100% wool on the outside with 100% polyester lining, then there’s [...]

What Kids Wanted For Christmas In The 90s

Remember when we all thought Beanie Babies would be worth a fortune someday, or when Pogs ruled the schoolyard? Then check out this gallery of Christmas list toppers from the 90s, some of which are still around while others have fallen by the wayside, and see if you still have some of these treasures lying [...]

The Beanie Babies Bubble

© Kevin Horan/Corbis Nothing says “Destined to hold its value indefinitely” quite like a teddy bear stuffed with plastic pellets. Or so collectors thought in the late 1990s, when Beanie Babies, the plush stuffed animal brainchild of Ty Inc. founder Ty Warner, were sweeping the national collecting market. But what made these little stuffed critters a [...]