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Dietribes: The Green Bean Caper

• A bean by any other name … would still be a bean. Green beans are also known as French Beans (if you’re British), string beans or snap beans. • The Green beans we eat today are not, as many think, a native of North America but rather of Central and South America. Early varieties were especially [...]

Dietribes: Lima Beans

• Though we have come to pronounce them differently, Lima beans were indeed named for the capital of Peru where they have been growing for over 7,500 years. Through trading and cultivation, limas became popular throughout the world, spreading across central America and the United States to Europe and Africa via Spanish and Portuguese ships!   • Lima beans [...]

Harmless Weapons

The inventive Kyle Bean is back with more clever pieces you’d never think of. His latest set of sculptures shows harmless weapons, like brass knuckles made out of bread and a popsicle pipe bomb. Link -via Colossal | Photo: Sam Hofman

How Many Beans Make Soup?

by Michael Reidy Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom America’s taste for bean soup appears to be unrelenting, and the World Wide Web offers more than a quarter of a million references to the subject. Multiple-bean soups are particularly in vogue. A methodical check on a leading search engine produced the following results which I record here for [...]

Pencil Shaving Portraits

Kyle Bean made portraits of the contributors to Wallpaper* Handmade, an annual design exhibition in Milan. You can view four more at the link. Link -via Dude Craft | Wallpaper Handmade Previously by Kyle Bean: Chicken Sculpture Made out of Eggshells Nesting Cell Phones

Chicken Sculpture Made out of Eggshells

Kyle Bean made a sculpture of a chicken out of eggshells. It’s called “Which Came First?” Although, at first, I thought that this was a digital image, the last photo in the set at the link shows Bean assembling the sculpture. Link via Dude Craft Previously by Kyle Bean: Nesting Cell Phones