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Maymo Shamed

(YouTube link) We were introduced to the adorable lemon beagle Maymo a few months ago. But it’s not all hearts and flowers when you’re raising a rambunctious puppy! -thanks, J! Previously: More from Maymo

Purin the Super Beagle

(YouTube link) Besides being cute, Purin the Super Beagle plays catch a bit differently from the way most dogs do it. And he gets better at it as the video goes along! -via Arbroath

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts (about Charlie Sheen)

Even the dog world is talking about Charlie Sheen, though they’re unimpressed by his Tiger Blood. Do you have a Beagle wearing a ball cap? A Schnauzer in a sombrero? A foxhound in a fedora? We want your puppies wearing hats! If you can get them eating bacon, even better. Send them here or [...]

The Beagle Freedom Project

Shannon Keith and Gary Smith started the Beagle Freedom Project to find new homes for beagles that have been used for research. They named their first rescue dogs Freedom and Bigsby, and videotaped the beagles’ first brush with the great outdoors. Be warned that the video, while not graphic, may be disturbing and you’ll want [...]