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Vintage Pics Of Summer Fun

Oh the joys of summer- outdoor barbecues, beach blanket bingo and breaking a sweat without moving a muscle. Summertime is in full swing, so let’s take a gander at these vintage pics of people having fun in the sun! Why go outside, risk getting skin cancer and get chewed up by insects when you can live [...]

Young Swedish Woman in a Bikini

Photo: Linda-Marie Nilsson What? Not the photo you’d expect to see from the title? 20-year-old Swedish woman Linda-Marie Nilsson went to the beach, snapped a photo of herself in a bikini, and went viral: Nillson [...]

Plane Carrying Proposal Banner Crashes

Mike Flynn hired a plane to carry a banner sating “Will you marry me?” over the beach in Rhode Island where his girlfriend Michelle would see it. Ten minutes into the flight, pilot Mark Simmons noticed his engine was failing. The plane crashed, but Simmons was unhurt. Meanwhile, Flynn was waiting at the beach, not [...]

Vintage TV Commercial For Atari

(YouTube Link) Talk about gnarly to the max! This totally rad Atari commercial from the 80s has it all-a beach, a boombox, and babes galore! Oh, and there’s the bit about totally tubular old games like Ms. Pac-Man, Vanguard, Centipede and Galaxian. Man, I totally wish I could just take my Atari console to the beach with me [...]

Hot Water Beach: The Beach on a Hot Spring

I really want to visit New Zealand, a land that seems filled with wonders. There’s a beach on the North Island where geothermal energy heats the sand. It can get as hot as 147° F, so visitors often dig hot tubs into the beach. View more pictures and a video at the link. Link | Photo: [...]

Close Encounter with a Baby Sea Lion

(YouTube link) Imagine sitting on a beach and an adorable baby sea lion comes right up to you! This happened at Gardner Bay, in the Galapagos Islands. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Did the Portuguese discover Australia?

Discovery on beach may help prove the Portuguese were first Europeans in Australia. Although we know that the Portuguese occupied Timor until 1975 the…

Seal Pups Rescued From The Storms of England

When big storms hit the coast, adult seals can swim through the rough seas, but little guys often end up abandoned on the beach. Fortunately, the RSPCA is there to help treat them and care for them until the cool weather recedes. Best of all, we’re left with dozens of adorable baby seal pictures to [...]

The Icy Beach of Iceland

Image: Ivan Meljac Where else but Iceland would you expect to find big chunks of ice on the beach, instead of sand? Behold the (brr!) beautiful beach of Jökulsárlón as photographed by French photographer [...]

Ocean Parts: Art by Koby Sibony Made from Beach Trash

Israeli designer Koby Sibony took plastic trash collected from beach and created awesome works of art. See, who says that trashing your beach is a bad thing? Design Milk has more: Link