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Battleship Mystery Box Winners

Last week, we asked you to guess the funniest thing that could be inside the BattleShip Mystery Box. Today, we opened the box: The box itself is a work of art – the inside has printed flaps that look [...]

Sushi Warships

Information in English about this project is scarce, but I gather that art student Mayuka Nakamura recreated warships of the old Imperial Japanese Navy in sushi. The series is an extended pun on a popular type of sushi roll dubbed the battleship. This, I think, is a model of the Kongo — a battleship that [...]

Battleship USB Hub

Battleship USB Hub – $17.95 This desktop USB hub designed by Giffin’termeer over at the NeatoShop is cleverly shaped like a battleship straight out of Battleship game we play as kids. So who says that your USB hub has to be boring? Get connectivity and fun with the Battleship USB Hub: Link See also: USB Hubman | [...]

Battleship in Real Life

Artist Tim Doyle imagined the Milton-Bradley game Battleship in real life. He created this print for the “Toys in the Attic” 2010 fundraiser. Link via Super Punch | Toys in the Attic Website