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Are bats afraid of the moon ?

Despite being creatures of the night bats appear to have a strong aversion to being in direct moonlight. Scientists in Mexico have determined that bat…

10 Weird and Cool Bats

While a lot of people think all bats are creepy, I personally find them cute overall. That being said, these 10 bats still rank pretty low on the cute scale. Take, for example, the hammer-headed bat above: Maybe “Moose-headed Bat” would be a better name but we’ve been warned never to insult moose… mooses… meece, whatever. [...]

Batman … in Bats!

1 set of the Bats Wall Decals – $19.95 We had a bit of fun earlier today making the Batman logo on Neatorama’s front office wall, using 4 sets of the Bats [...]

Fun Retro Dungeon Crawler Made In 48 Hours

If you like your games old school and pixelated, then you will love this surprisingly difficult dungeon crawler created in under 48 hours by Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson. It hearkens back to the days when games came without explanation, where you had to stumble around to figure out what’s going on, and the simple [...]

6 Terrifying Animal Weapons

Humans might be one of the only animals to use tools as weapons, but Crack has a great list of animals born with weapons built right into their bodies -like the Giant Amazonian Centipede’s ninja skills, which allow him to catch and eat whole bats. Read about the rest at the link. Link

BatBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter

BatBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter – $2.95 Do you hate having crust on your sandwich? Do you love bats and all things spooky? You need the BatBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter from the NeatoShop. Who needs fine dining when you can eat delicious homemade bat sandwiches at a fraction of the price. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop [...]

Plan unveiled to end killer bat disease

The US has put into action a plan to combat white-nose syndrome before it wipes out all bats. The death toll so far has reached the million mark and w…

Underground Animals: Cool Cave Critters, Part One

Cave animals just might be some of the strangest animals on Earth. Adapted to living somewhere with little to no light and practically no vegetation, these animals have evolved to survive in extreme environments and the results are often unbelievable. A troglobite is an animal that exclusively live in caves and has adapted to its dark [...]