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Batman Chess Set

The Batman chess set is a whopping $795.00, but it looks as fun to play chess with as it would be just to look at. Can you imagine how intense a game of chess would be with that board and those pieces?

Batman Magnetic To-Do List

Batman Magnetic To-Do List – $4.95 To Do:   Get Batmobile cleaned  Pick up Batsuit from cleaners Buy milk Get more Batman Magnetic To-Do lists from the NeatoShop  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more super Stationery items. Link 

Batman Zombie Mask

Batman Zombie Mask – $44.95 Can’t decide what to be this Halloween? Are you torn between your favorite superhero and a zombie? Not to fear! The NeatoShop is here to help. Behold the Batman Zombie Mask. This great latex mask allows you to be both. Zombie Hawkman Mask also available.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Batman Plush Slippers

Batman Plush Slippers – $19.95 After a hard day fighting bad guys and escaping the vicious ensarements of your enemies it’s time to relax and unwind. Kick off your boots and get cozy with the Batman Plush Slippers from the NeatoShop. Even famous crimefighters need a little me time.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShpo for [...]

‘Batman’ arrested for obstructing police

A man dressed as Batman was arrested after refusing to leave a crime scene during an investigation. Mark Wayne Williams decided to take it upon himsel…

The Batcave Movie Theater

This is the best place to watch all the old Batman movies while you wait for the Dark Knight Rises to to come out on DVD. The best thing is that it actually looks like something Bruce Wayne would have. Link Via i09

11 Cakes Inspired by Comic Books

Last month we brought you cakes inspired by famous painters, so this time around, let’s look at cakes based on a more contemporary art style: comic books. 1. Spider-Man Groom One of Cake Central user MissRobin’s clients ordered this groom’s cake for her son, who has always been a Spider-Man fan. The idea of a suit over [...]

Inch-Tall Crocheted Superheroes

Do your dolls need action figures? Etsy seller Crivens Studio can set you up. She crocheted thimble-sized versions of Batman, Superman and Ironman. She should try a really challenging subject: the Atom. Link -via Technabob

RC Batwing Really Flies

This is the neatest thing you’ll see all day. Chris Allen built an RC plane that looks like Batman’s plane, the Batwing. The video at the link is amazing. The model is fast and as maneuverable as the real, er, ficticious Batwing. Link

The Cookie Monster Rises

(Video Link) It’s so great that his lips totally match. In fact, if I hadn’t already seen this movie, I think I would actually think this was a scene from the real film because hey, why wouldn’t Batman be obsessed with cookies? Via BoingBoing