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10 Envy-inducing Video Game Bathrooms

The stereotype of the serious video gamer living in his parent’s basement, sitting in the dark covered in Cheeto dust only covers a small portion of gamers. Many have grown up with video games and eventually bought their own homes. Owning a home means you can surround yourself with decor that reminds you of your [...]

The Legend of King Arthur

The following is an article from the book Uncle John’s Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader. What do you think -was King Arthur a real person, or is he purely the stuff of legend? Either way, he makes for a good story. TABLE TALK In England, the most popular tales of chivalry are the Welsh legends of King Arthur and [...]

Space Invaders Bathroom

If you’re not in a position to actually play Space Invaders while in the bathroom, this tilework will at least remind you that you should. The architecture studio OneByNine remodeled an apartment in Hong Kong to make the bathroom experience exciting. Link -via Walyou | Studio Website

The Super Mario Bathroom

Nerds are the same as all of us – I mean, we all have similar bodily functions – except that they’ve got cooler bathrooms. Way cooler. Nerd Approved has the round up of The World’s Nerdiest Bathrooms – and the list doesn’t [...]

Welcome to the Leela Bathroom

Yes, it is a cool and clever bathroom design, but poor Leela really shouldn’t have to watch that every day. Link Via The Daily What

Spider-Man Themed Bathroom

We’ve all been in a situation when a bathroom experience would only be enhanced if there were realistic presentations of supervillains trying to break through the wall and kill us. Probably daily. So rileyreplicas, a forum user at The PF, made one for a friend’s husband. The site is currently down, so I can make [...]

Bathroom Reader Mobile App and Book Giveaway!

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader is proud to announce their new mobile app, which enables you to enjoy bathroom reading on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device! Which means, you can enjoy them anywhere, not just the bathroom. …this app will give you a daily dose of the best of what Uncle John has to offer. [...]

How Toilet Paper is Made

Aaron Cohen over at pointed to another awesome How It’s Made clip, this time about toilet paper — a.k.a. “bathroom tissue” (how quaint) or “therapeutic paper” (ahem). Here at the _floss blog, we have a proud tradition of writing about toilet paper; below the video, check out the links for way more than you [...]

This Way To the Ministry of Magic

Simply the best bathroom wall graffiti EVAR! Via Accordion Guy

Bath Tub Buggy

The American philosopher Homer Simpson once praised the concept of the motorhome as “a car I can go to the bathroom in.” The custom-built (no, sadly, this was not a production vehicle) Bath Tub Buggy made by George Barris during the 60s and 70s is the fulfillment of this dream: The design features a bathroom. In [...]