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What Female Comic Characters Wear in Cold Weather

Sure a leafy bathing suit is sexy, but it’s not exactly comfortable in the cool weather. That’s why Hanie Mohd has given some of the most famous ladies of comics new costumes that are a lot more comfortable for chilly seasons. Link Via io9

Large eel removed from man’s bladder

A man bathing with live eels at a beauty spa was unfortunate enough to have one swim up his penis. The six-inch eel managed to get all the way to the …

Hot Bath Therapy for Loneliness

You’ve seen the cliche in romantic comedy (and to a lesser extent, drama) movies in which a brokenhearted woman takes a bath and cries or drinks or talks to her BFF on the phone, and as ridiculous as I always thought this was, science has uncovered an interesting benefit to soaking in the tub. Christie [...]