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Navann’s First Bath Is A Big Success

(Video Link) It’s always easier when your little one enjoys bath time, even if he’s a six day old elephant. Via Cute Overload

Stormtrooper Star Wars Hooded Bath Robe

  Stormtrooper Star Wars Hooded Bath Robe – $74.95 Do you find yourself exhausted after a long day of doing the evil lord’s bidding? Strip off the old battle armor. Now is the time to relax and unwind in the super comfy Stormtrooper Star Wars Hooded Bath Robe from the NeatoShop. This beautiful terrycloth bath robe features [...]

Tea Bath

Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Also a bit of bath salts, if you don’t mind. Serve it in this cute tea cup set made by the Dutch design firm Het Paradijs. Studio Website -via Racheal

Star Wars Bath Robes

Darth Vader and Jedi – Star Wars Hooded Bath Robes Come to the Dark Side. Not only do they have cookies, but also this marvelously soft and [...]

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower Gel – $7.45 Have you diagnosed someone in need of some good clean fun? Get them the Blood Bath Shower Gel from the NeatoShop. This fabulous Blood Bath Shower Gel is cherry-scented. It is designed to look like a blood transfusion bag. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Bath & Body [...]

Cheesy Couture

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress, fashion and textile students at Bath Spa University created fashions using 1000 pounds of Pilgrims Choice Vintage, Extra Mature and Red Leicester cheeses. These heat-molded, sculpted designs come with “Jimmy Cheese” shoes made from stale cheese sandwiches and a block of West County cheddar. No thanks, I prefer to keep [...]

Nose Stylus for Hands-Free Smartphone Usage

Dominic Wilcox finds it difficult to use his smartphone while taking a bath, so he invented this simple but brilliant solution: the Finger-nose. He can strap this plaster attachment onto his head and navigate his phone without using his hands. Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Dominic Wilcox

Bathtub Hot Rod

It’s a dilemma that we’ve all faced: you need to take a bath, but you need to get somewhere at the same time. eBay seller toymaker46 offers this solution. He notes that it’s not yet fully operational, so you’ll have to work on it some. Link via Jalopnik

Cupcake Bath Bomb

Cupcake Bath Bomb – $9.95 The Cupcake Bath Bomb from the NeatoShop, because you are cupcake crazy! Do you love cupcakes so much that you secretly wish you could bathe in their sweet smelling goodness? No, we don’t think you are weird. In fact, the Cupcake Bath Bomb from the NeatoShop was made for someone just like [...]

Chocolate Bath

Dark chocolate bathroom Recipe products and chocolate Spa treatments for chocoholics How about bathing with it? That’s exactly what a hot springs Spa Resort in Geneva, Switzerland. A woman tastes chocolate while enjoying the chocolate bath in the beauty saloon If you recall, this spa also offers wine. green tea and coffee baths. The water [...]