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Basset Hound Puppy Thinks Christmas Is Meh

Christmas is just another day for this floppy eared basset hound pup, and he is unmoved by all the decorations, lights and holiday cheer. In fact, he’d trade the whole darn holiday for a liver flavored treat! Link

Bassett Hound In Slow Motion

(YouTube Link) He’s just so wrinkly and floppy all over that, if you pinned back his loose skin with clothespins, he would appear to be the size of a Jack Russell terrier under all those folds of skin. And when I say he I mean HE folks, this is an unmistakably male Basset Hound here, as [...]

Dog Knows 1,022 Words

My beloved Basset Hound knew a lot of English words, as long as they start with “cookie.” Well, turns out that she’s a bit far behind this dog, a border collie in Spartanburg, South Carolina, named Chaser, who has the largest vocabulary of any known dog: [Psychologist John W. Pilley] bought Chaser as a puppy in [...]