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(YouTube link) MechBass is a robotic bass guitar may put bass players out of business. James McVay put it together for his engineering honors project at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Witness it playing the Muse song “Hysteria.” There’s lots more about the machine at Hack A Day. Link -via Flavorwire

Aces of Bass

(YouTube link) Ace of Base was a Swedish pop group of the ’90s. Aces of Bass is a tribute band that performs cover versions of their music …on bass fiddles! -via The Daily What

The Power Of A Booming System

(YouTube Link) This video demonstrates the power of bass in your face, and shows how much force is behind that bass heavy system found in cars that drive by with the booming system. Obligatory Yakov Smirnoff joke- In Russia, people who cannot afford blow dryer use car stereo to dry hair! My apologies for the bad joke… (NSFW? [...]

18 Quick Facts About Your Favorite Christmas TV Specials

Inspired by Stacy’s Christmas movie post, here are some behind-the-scenes tidbits about a handful of holiday small-screen favorites. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 1. Which came first, the TV special or the song? Johnny Marks wrote the song in 1949. He was the brother-in-law of Robert L. May, the Montgomery Ward copywriter who’d created the story of the [...]

The Late Movies: Mario Theme

Almost as popular as the plumber/hero himself, the Mario theme is one that people who don’t even play the games know by heart. It can be performed in all kinds of ways,. as you’ll see in these videos. With the Game Violinist Teppei Okada plays the Mario theme AND the sound effects as the game is being [...]

The Late Movies: Virtuoso Bass Players

Since my guitar virtuosos Late Movies post from last week ignited such a firestorm of controversy, I thought it was only natural to follow it up with a list of some of my favorite bass players. Jaco Pastorius He recorded with Joni Mitchell throughout the 70s, and was a successful recording artist in his own right. [...]