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Trained Mice Performing Amazing Tricks

  (YouTube Link) (YouTube Link) We all know mice are clever enough to sneak their way into our houses and eat our food, but their ability to learn tricks is totally underrated. Mouse Agility knows what mice are truly capable of, and they’ve been training mice to do things like pay for a treat, play Connect Four or slam [...]

Sorry, Giant George: Zeus Is Now the World’s Tallest Dog

Zeus is 44 inches tall, just like my 7-year-old. But Zeus is only three, and standing on his hind legs, measures 7 feet 4 inches tall. If there were an all-dog basketball league, Zeus would be Manute Bol. He edges out former record-holder Giant George by a single inch, but the 12 cups of food [...]

Your Olympic Athlete Body Match

Olympic athletes come in all shapes and sizes, from tall basketball players and hefty weightlifters to tiny gymnasts. The BBC has a widget that can match your height and weight to the nearest London 2012 athlete. Just enter your stats and find out who matches you. Since I don’t know my weight, the results pictured [...]

Basketball Backpack

Basketball Backpack – $24.95 Are you looking for the perfect backpack for the pint-sized sports fanatic in your family? You need the Basketball Backpack from the NeatoShop. This great little backpack has a built-in hoop and comes with a 3″ ball so that he can turn free time into playtime. This backpack got game. Be sure to check [...]

NBA Team Logos

Since the NBA playoffs are going on now, mental_floss is taking a close look at professional basketball team logos. A really close look, zooming into the face of the mascot or figure on the logo. And that’s what today’s Lunchtime Quiz is all about. Some of the logos are current, some from the past, and [...]

Sock Portrait

Coffee, a basketball…and now socks! Hong Yi makes portraits using materials you’d never think of. Her latest work is a rendering of Chinese filmmaker Yimou Zhang in socks. She was inspired by the most ordinary of sights in Shanghai: socks hanging out to dry on bamboo rods. “To me,” she writes, “that was incredibly beautiful.” Link [...]

Basketball Recycled into a Handbag

Valérie Valad’s clever handbag finds a new use for a worn out basketball. This and other works by her were on exhibit at the La Galerie Végétal in Paris during the past month. Link (Google Translate) -via Handmade Charlotte

Where Is That Tournament-Bound School?

The NCAA basketball tournament brackets are out, and 68 schools will battle to see who is the best college basketball team in the nation (cough*Kentucky*cough). Some of the schools are state universities, others have names that don’t pinpoint their location. In today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss, you are challenged to figure out where these less [...]

Coffee Cup Stain Art

Hong Yi’s subject matter is fairly conventional: portraiture. But her methods are extraordinary. We’ve previously watched her compose a portrait of a famous basketball player using just a basketball and paint. More recently, she spilled coffee into a saucer and planted the cup repeatedly on paper until she composed a picture of actor Jay Chou. [...]

Woman Paints Portrait of Famous Basketball Player with a Basketball

(Video Link) Hong Yi painted a strikingly detailed portrait of Yao Ming, a basketball player who recently retired from the Houston Rockets. She decided that a basketball would be a more appropriate instrument than a brush. Watch this time-lapse video of her at work. Link -via Gizmodo