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Coffee Cup Stain Art

Hong Yi’s subject matter is fairly conventional: portraiture. But her methods are extraordinary. We’ve previously watched her compose a portrait of a famous basketball player using just a basketball and paint. More recently, she spilled coffee into a saucer and planted the cup repeatedly on paper until she composed a picture of actor Jay Chou. [...]

Woman Paints Portrait of Famous Basketball Player with a Basketball

(Video Link) Hong Yi painted a strikingly detailed portrait of Yao Ming, a basketball player who recently retired from the Houston Rockets. She decided that a basketball would be a more appropriate instrument than a brush. Watch this time-lapse video of her at work. Link -via Gizmodo

The Number of the Day: 16,000,000,000

Americans consume roughly 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year. Related Fact: The “Thomas” of gourmet popcorn chain Dale & Thomas is Hall of Fame basketball player/Hall of Shame basketball executive Isiah Thomas. [Source: Real Simple (October 2010). See previous Numbers of the Day here. ]