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Another Hat Puzzle

If you enjoyed trying out the Four Men in Hats puzzle, here’s another one for you. Again, the inmates must solve the puzzle or they will be executed.   On one such occasion, three cells were needed, so three of the cleverest inmates – Albert, Barry, and Carl – were put in a room and given a [...]

Music History #8: “New York Mining Disaster 1941″

“New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones)” Written by Barry and Robin Gibb (1967) Performed by Bee Gees Getty Images The Music When the Bee Gees debut US single was released in April 1967, a lot of people thought it was The Beatles masquerading as another band. Even the name Bee Gees was [...]

Star Trek: Voyager Cake

This delicious-looking Voyager cake definitely won’t require 75 years to complete its journey into my belly. Regali Kitchen made it to help Maya and Barry celebrate their eleventh anniversary. The ship’s navigation lights and warp nacelles light up appropriately and the crew is completely edible. Link -via Bit Rebels | Regali Kitchen’s Website

That’s Doctor Shaq to You!

Shaquielle O’Neal left college early to enter the NBA draft, but promised his mom that he’d go back to school. In 2000, he got his bachelor of arts degree. But Shaq didn’t stop there: After leading the Heat to the NBA title [...]

Fantastic 120-Year-Old Color Pictures of Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day has already come and gone this year, but there is a lot more to the Emerald Isle than the supposed World’s Greatest Snake Exterminator. Need some proof? Just check out these vivid vintage pictures of Ireland taken between 1890 and 1900 and organized by county, courtesy of the Library of Congress. County Antrim Glenoe [...]

Hauntingly Beautiful Marble Sculptures By Barry X Ball

In the world of fine art there’s always someone trying to radically change the game with their artwork. While this can lead to some  innovative and interesting pieces, it can also turn things into one big mess, and forced innovation causes artists to lose sight of how important traditionalism can be to maintaining artistic integrity. Enter [...]

2011: The Year Beyond Words

(YouTube link) Barry Pilling compiled news footage of the big events of 2011 into one video. The music is “The Height Of Summer” by The Knife. Warning: graphic images. -Thanks, Barry!

Starting Tonight: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie

Tune in live tonight (Wednesday, October 5) at 10pm ET/PT for Penn & Teller’s new series: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie on Discovery. In this slightly shaky video from Comic Con, you can see Teller talk (!) about the upcoming series: There’s a longer preview video after the jump. It’s Like MythBusters, But With [...]

Tchaikovsky Animation Time-Lapse

Cameraman Joe Clarke took this mesmerizing time-lapse of how animator Barry JC Purves manipulates his Tchaikovsky puppet for Russian TV: Whilst working on the film I shot this series of time-lapses with the [...]

The Quick 9: Non-Blonde Ambition

Tons of singers and actresses go blonde – everyone knows that. But who knew it was almost as common to leave blonde behind for another hue? Here are nine people who did just that. 1. Elvis. The King started life with light blonde hair and progressed naturally into darker hair as he got older like a [...]