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10 Entertaining Easter Eggs From Google

Did you know you can make Google do a barrel roll or go askew? Even if you did, you probably didn’t know at least a few of these funny Google Easter Eggs. Link

3-Barrel Pole Cannon Fired after 500 Years

(Video Link) The folks at Springfield Arsenal in Lorton, Virginia acquired a 16th Century cannon that would be fitted onto the end of a pole. It has three barrels. Presumably the musket nipple on the side of each barrel would be slapped against a hard surface, causing the gun to fire. At 2:55, they fire it [...]

Drilling Gun: A Gun with Three Barrels, Each Chambered for a Different Caliber

Combination guns are (usually) long guns chambered for two different calibers. For example, one can purchase a gun chambered with a .410 gauge shotgun barrel on top and a .22 LR rifle barrel on the bottom. Such guns allow a hunter to shoot a variety of animals, or the same prey in different situations. There are [...]