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The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Barbra Streisand

Happy 70th Birthday to singer, actress, writer, film producer, director and all-around fabulous gal, Barbra Streisand. Babs has had a pretty neat career. Besides conquering stage and screen, she holds the record for the most top-ten albums of any female recording artist. She and Katharine Hepburn are the only two women to ever share an [...]

Five Potentially Great Power Couples (and why they never made it)

1. Bobby Fischer and Barbra Streisand Barbra Streisand, the future Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner, actually attended the same Brooklyn high school as Bobby Fischer, who at the time was already competing in and winning international chess tournaments. Streisand later confided that she had a crush on the chess player, saying that he “was always [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Iconic Movie Costumes Owned By Debbie Reynolds

Long before it was popular to do so, Debbie Reynolds collected Hollywood memorabilia. When costume departments were cleaning out their closets or repurposing garments for a new movie, Reynolds would swoop in and purchase items for her personal collection. Along the way, she has amassed more than 3,500 costumes and thousands of props and costume [...]

Barbra Streisand Has Basement Shopping Mall for Storage

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably got a nice walk in closet to store your stuff. Well, Barbra Streisand got one better: “Instead of just storing my things in the basement, I can make a street of shops and display them,” Streisand says. See the photo gallery over at Harper’s Bazaar: Link (Photo: “My Passion for Design”/Viking) – [...]

Little-known Introductions to Well-known Songs

YouTube link Many famous songs that originated in movies or Broadway musicals were preceded by an introduction that was sung rather than spoken. These verses, properly considered part of the lyrics, are often omitted when the song is covered by other artists or presented outside the setting of the movie. Barbra Streisand’s original rendition of “People,” [...]