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22-Pound Marzipan Dead Pig Is a Gift for Two Young Children

A far better choice than Barbie dolls, don’t you think? Jonas Laberg had to come up with a gift for two girls, aged five and seven. So, as you might expect, he made the form of a creepy dead pig out of twenty-two pounds of marzipan. Link -via Geekosystem

Nightmarish Dollhouses Designed by a Madman

Over at Fast Company there’s a slideshow of incredible dollhouse interiors, all designed by a Santa-Claus-lookin’ Frenchman who operates somewhere between the world of Franz Kafka and that of director Jean-Paul Jenet (remember The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen?). I love how these multi-level creations have a “normal” part, where one would assume people live [...]

Banned in Iran: the Mullet

Lots of things are banned in Iran (though some are unofficially tolerated — including all manner of books, tattoos, skinny jeans, Gmail, YouTube, Barbie dolls, Harry Potter, jorts — they’re even considering a law banning dog ownership, claiming that as “a blind imitation of Western culture,” it “poses a problem.” Pff. Whatev, dogg. The one ban [...]

Barbie the Sociopath

Mariel Clayton photographs dioramas of Barbie dolls in grisly scenes that juxtapose the glamor of Barbie with the savagery of her hidden violence. It’s like all this time she’s always been a female version of Dexter Morgan. Link via J-Walk Blog