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The Missing Links: GPS Candy Bars

How Do You Save A Bunch of Superheroes? Find out who rescued Marvel Comics. * What Happened to Good Old Golden Tickets? When we start putting GPS devices in our candy bars, I think we’ve gone too far. * Behold: The World’s Lowest Voice Get this man in a barbershop quartet immediately. * Do You Know What You Know? Test out [...]

Americ-NYAN Cat

(YouTube link) Nyan Cat gets a makeover for the Fourth of July! Music by John Philip Sousa. -via Buzzfeed Previously: “Stars and Stripes Forever” on trombone, by the Muppets, and barbershop quartet style.

Vintage Mug Shots

The sweet, gentle- and motherly-looking lady in the photograph above is a suspected criminal. I don’t know the exact crime she was charged with, but this solemn portrait is, in fact, a mug shot. It’s from a collection of beautifully candid mug shots found on the website of Australia’s Justice & Police Museum and posted [...]

The Late Movies: Music From Unexpected Places

Tonight’s edition of the Late Movies looks at the unexpected. Below are a series of clips that feature music in fun and unexpected ways, from a kid who kills on the accordion to a single shot music video. Here’s an interesting social experiment. Want to make people use the stairs? Turn them into a piano! The Strange [...]