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American Flag Cake

Because man can’t live on barbecue alone, for this Fourth of July, may we present to you: the American Flag Cake by Jessie Oleson of Cakespy. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Link

The Barbecue Grill Briefcase

This barbecue briefcase is perfect for the griller on the go, the charcoal chef who doesn’t want to be strapped down to a stationary grill. Perfect for those who enjoy barbecuing while travelling, running from the police, or hiding from those attracted by the sweet smell of charred meat. The Darwin Triangular BBQ is sure to make [...]

Beware The Wrath Of The #1 Dad

(YouTube Link) Father’s Day has never been so action packed, or so deadly… Watch as the #1 Dad gets revenge on the baddies who ruined his barbecue, one fatherly task at a time. But can he defeat the mad toolbox skills possessed by the Carpenter? –via TDW

Tortoise Steals Barbecue

(YouTube link) Being a tortoise, he couldn’t make a quick getaway, so the barbecue was eventually recovered by its rightful owners. -via Arbroath

Que: The BBQ-Scented Perfume

(Video Link) It is, of course, important to be specific about what sort of barbecue this perfume smells like. Less civilized areas (meaning those outside of Texas) create true culinary abominations and label them as barbecue. I looking at you, Memphis. So assuming that true and not heretical barbecue is the foundation for the perfume, this commercial is [...]

Food by State

Remember the United States of TV map that assigned a show to each of the 50 United States? My Food Looks Funny did that with food, assigning a representative dish to each state. I can’t argue with fried chicken for Kentucky, but I think of catfish or barbecue for Tennessee instead of tomatoes. Link -via [...]