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Animated Banksy

It’s about time! Made By ABVH turned iconic graffiti artworks by Banksy into a series of animated GIFs. Take a look at two more after the jump: Then visit Made by ABVH for more: Link – via My [...]

Clever Costumes Inspired By Banksy Street Art

Photo: Craftzine Photo: Wikimedia Commons Bringing a Banksy street art piece to life is no simple task, but this clever costume really delivers the goods! With contrasting painted patches that mirror the white sections of the original stencil, and a splash of color in the flowers, Banksy’s artwork can now hit the streets and trick-or-treat!

Olympic Street Art

Banksy has the Olympic spirit! Somewhat. This is one of a couple of new Banksy works with an Olympic theme. See another at his site. Link -via The Daily What

Banksy’s Graffiti Cow

Oh, that guy Banksy. Maybe he’s tired of spraying graffiti on walls, so he moved on to cows. Well, at least it’s better than Wim Delvoye tattooing pigs! Link – via Waslijn [...]

Incredibly Cool Urban Art Installations

From Pablo Curutchet’s 30′ statues of cardboard men to Banksy’s keeled over and dead phone booths, these 14 cool art installations are both eye-catching and interactive in a way that few museum attractions could ever hope to be. These installations are also fascinating because they can take so long to put together, but will often [...]


Move over, Banksy – there’s a new avant garde graffiti artist prowling the streets. Behold, Hanksy! via Wooster Collective Previously on Neatorama: T.HANKS: The Tom Hanks Trash Bin

Angry Birdsky

This makes perfect sense! Banksy’s Flowerchucker and the video game Angry Birds were made for each other! Flickr user bortwein75 dreamed up this mashup. You can see variations of it at the link. Link via Technabob | Previously: Banksy Painting Costume

Street Art that Rocks

Aaron Zenz took his family to see Banksy’s film Exit Through the Gift Shop, and his daughter Gracie was inspired to be a street artist -when she grows up. The family came up with a street art project that involves no vandalism. They painted rocks with bright colors and funny faces and left them in [...]

Banksy Painting Costume

That’s not a painting by British street painter Banksy. It’s a costume designed and worn by George Schnakenberg to look like Banksy’s “Love Is in the Air” stencil. Schnakenberg painted his clothing and bundle of flowers to create the necessary impression when properly posed. At the link, you can view several process photos showing how [...]

Background on the Couch Gag that Banksy Did for The Simpsons

The producers of The Simpsons arranged for the British street artist Banksy to write the “couch gag” that takes place in the introduction to The Simpsons. But how did they manage to get in contact with this elusive, mysterious artist? David Itzkoff of The New York Times interviewed executive producer Al Jean: I saw the film [...]