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Pro Tip: Don’t Rob Banks Where the Tellers Know You By Name

Especially if you’re on a first-name basis with them: During one robbery the teller actually recognized her, asking Heffernan, “Do you want to make a deposit Kerri?” No, Kerri wanted to make a withdrawal. But before she could complete the transaction, police in Whitman, Massachusetts arrested her for this bank robbery and on suspicion of three others. Link [...]

Crime Doesn’t Pay (Well): The Economics of Bank Robberies

Getty Images Hollywood always makes bank robberies look so easy (with some notable exceptions). You do a little planning, throw on a Richard Nixon mask, you’re in and out in a few minutes and then you can live the rest of your life in luxury in some tropical paradise that won’t extradite you. A real-world bank job, [...]

Hitchcock’s Dark Knight

What do you get when you mash up Batman and Hitchcock? This bit of brilliance, by YouTube user Plan9Pic, who wrote: I was experimenting with editing movie trailers when I discovered that the opening music from Alfred Hitchcock’s "Vertigo" happens [...]

Greatest Movie Bank Robbery Ever

(YouTube link) Screen Junkies gives us the greatest bank robbery ever to appear in the movies, which is a supercut, because it takes a lot of robberies to be the best! Some language NSFW. Link -via The Daily What

Comical Bank Robbery

There’s usually nothing funny about a bank robbery, but there’s an exception to every rule. Here’s what one Harold Luken allegedly did one Thursday afternoon: “I am gonna rob the bank,” he allegedly yelled. “I have a gun, but I’m gonna wait on line.”True to his word, Luken patiently waited for his turn at the teller [...]