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10 Excellent Bookstore Cats

Not all bookstores have cats: the big chains don’t have cats, and some mom and pop stores keep their cats at home, so if you are allergic to cats, you can still find a place to browse for reading material. But you’ll find resident cats in many independent bookstores because they are nice to curl [...]

The Search for an Indian Santa

One of my favorite scenes from John Green’s wonderful novel Paper Towns is when the character Radar doesn’t want to invite a girl over to his house because he’s embarrassed by his parents. More specifically, he’s embarrassed by their enormous collection of Black Santa figurines, with Black Santas crammed onto every windowsill and bookshelf in [...]

Comic Savita Bhabhi sexual adventures

Hot Savita Bhabhi sexual adventures virginity lost comic story in hindi Savita Bhabhi – The sexual adventures of a Hot Indian Bhabhi is India’s first cartoon porn website, featuring explicit depictions of the sexual adventures of a housewife named Savita. The site has been very controversial in India, where pornography is illegal: people have accused it of [...]

How To Make Health Care Affordable: Medical Tourism!

With all the debate going on with health care, you’d be forgiven if you want to skip this post. But I think I’ve found the solution to making health care affordable for Americans: just outsource it to Thailand. Eric Wahlgren of AOL’s Daily Finance has the story of medical tourism: Like some 47 million other Americans, Nancy [...]

A.J. Jacobs – The Ultimate Guinea Pig

If you enjoy my posts on this blog, you have A.J. Jacobs to thank. Yes, Mr. Know-it-All was the guy who recommended me to Will Pearson and Mangesh about a year before we all started blogging here. In fact, A.J. was planning to do some more regular blogging back in the early days, too, and [...]