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Lost Cat

I was once married to a musician who always wanted to name a band Free Beer because it would look good on a marquee. I’m pretty sure that was the thinking behind Barenaked Ladies. But of course, Lost Cat will get attention, too! This Twaggie was rendered from a Tweet by @OhDuarte. Illustration by Gemma [...]

The Beatles’ Final Film: Let It Be

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. It was 1969 and The Beatles, although still brilliant as musicians and as a recording group, were on their last legs. But the band still owed one film on a long-ago signed contract with United Artist films. Let [...]

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Ben Folds!

Today Ben Folds celebrates his 46th birthday, and we rock along with him. I’ve always liked Ben — his mix of emotional and geeky songs appeals to me, as do his guts in naming his three-piece band “Ben Folds Five.” Let’s check a few classic performances by the man and (at times) his [...]

These Cats Rock -Literally

(Video Link) The Rock Cats just might be the hottest band on YouTube right now and when you see this video, you’ll understand why right away. After all, what they lack in technical proficiency, they more than make up for in fluffiness. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

The Stories Behind 15 Albums Named After Numbers, Featuring a Lot of Van Halen

When you think about it, most album titles are a little cryptic (Fiona Apple, I love you, but that’s a lot of title). But there‚Äôs something especially intriguing about a record that goes by nothing but a few digits. Those digits are usually anything but random, so here are a few of those musical mysteries, [...]

Animatronic Hillbilly Band

Due to “changed business model,” the animatronic hillbilly band seen here is for sale. They move mechanically in synch with a music CD. You can see the band in action at YouTube. All four musicians can be yours for $5,000 at eBay. The fake porch is extra, pickup only. Link -via Metafilter

How Long Does It Take To Sort 65,000 LEGO Bricks?

71 hours. We know the answer because someone had actually done it: Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh (of the Swedish band Rymdreglage) are creating the sequel to their insanely famous stop motion LEGO music video [...]

The New Look Of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese, beloved icon of animatronic rock band pizzatainment, has been killed and replaced with the ratty little rocker you see before you. Childhood is now dead and rolling in it’s little plastic coffin, and token flavored pizza will never taste the same again. How are they going to make a mascot costume for this guy, [...]

Build Your Own LEGO CD Case

UK band Camp America recently released a new album. While I’ve never even heard of the band, I’ve gotta say, I like their idea for a limited edition cd case. These special cases come in 125 pieces with instructions on how to put them together in order to build your own CD case. Now that’s [...]

Yohio: Japanese Doll Singer is Actually a Dude

Meet Yohio, a singer of the Japanese band Seremedy. The anime-inspired look and fancy costumes aren’t the only unusual thing about the pop star: Yohio is actually a 16-year-old Swedish boy! Oddity Central has the [...]