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Banana Drawings

Artist Stephan Brusche of Rotterdam composes playful drawings on bananas and posts them on Instagram. He calls them “bananastagrams.” I love this giraffe that can reach the highest tree branches. Link | Artist’s Website

Pizza Peddler Pizza Cutter

Pizza Peddler Pizza Cutter – $17.95 Do you go bananas for pizza? Stop monkeying around with that old pizza cutter and get the Pizza Peddler Pizza Cutter from the NeatoShop. This adorable pizza wheel is perfect for slicing up your favorite pizza pie.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Kitchen Stuff.  Link

Knitted Banana Peels

Don’t slip! Flickr user alzi23 ate bananas and recklessly left the peels out on the deck. For shame! Link -via Craft

Music History #3: “Yes! We Have No Bananas”

Editor’s Note: This is the third installment of Bill DeMain’s new column, where he explores the real historical events that inspired various songs. “Music History” appears twice a month. “Yes! We Have No Bananas” Written by Frank Silver and Irving Cohn (1922) Originally sung by Eddie Cantor The Music The story goes that one day in 1922, songwriting duo Frank [...]

May Your Banana Always Be True

How do you make any action movie instantly more entertaining? Turn all of the swords into bananas, of course! Something Awful’s newest meme is simply delightful -and full of potassium. Link Via io9

How to Ripen Bananas

Grocery stores always manage to have a table full of bananas just the perfect shade of yellow to attract customers, that will last a couple more days while the family eats them. They are shipped in by the boatload from Central America, so how do they manage this feat? You can get the lowdown from [...]

Get Rid of Splinters with … Banana Peel?

Got splinters? Don’t reach for the tweezers – according to Wikimommy there’s an easier way to get rid of those pesky ouchies. Just get some bananas: Banana peels are said to be very effective in removing splinters. Simply tape a peel to your splinter, and leave on for 5-10 minutes. The enzymes will help dislodge the [...]

Banana Carvings

Some artists use marble, some use wood, but this Pixiv user (can anyone translate more info?) uses … bananas! Obvious Winner has more: Link – via Geekologie Update 4/12/11: The artist’s name is Suu (male, 23 years old). Twitter: y_yamaden – Thanks Wakaranyo!

Japanese company plays Mozart to bananas

In an effort to produce sweeter produce a company in Japan has been playing Mozart to its bananas. They didn’t stop there either, a whole range of fru…

Pensioner astonished by "double banana" find

A pensioner who bought a bunch of bananas in Asda was astonished to find that one of them had two bananas inside its skin. The 69-year-old said that h…