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Driftwood Doilies By NeSpoon

These driftwood doilies make the beach look like it has been invaded by spiders spinning lace webs, adding an air of mystery and a touch of delicate grace seaside. Created by Polish outdoor artist NeSpoon then placed on wooden scraps littered across Oak Beach along the Baltic Sea, the artist was pleased to discover that the [...]

Baltic anomaly ’shuts down electronics’

Divers investigating the Baltic Sea anomaly are claiming that it is intefering with their equipment. The Ocean X team have been attempting to determin…

World War I Centennial: Even Bigger Battleships

The First World War was an unprecedented catastrophe that killed millions and set the continent of Europe on the path to further calamity two decades later. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. With the centennial of the outbreak of hostilities coming up in 2014, Erik Sass will be looking back at the lead-up to [...]

Baltic ‘UFO’ anomaly update

Divers investigating the anomalous circular object on the Baltic sea floor have found something unusual. The object which was discovered last year by …

Divers return to Baltic Sea anomaly

The large circular object on the floor of the Baltic Sea has been rediscovered by Ocean Explorer divers. The object was originally picked up by Peter…

Team to investigate object on Baltic seabed

A dive team are to venture in to the depths of the Baltic Sea to investigate a mysterious object. Known as the “Baltic Anomaly”, the 200-foot wide obj…

Top 10 Books Lost to Time

A Latin professor once told me that the number of texts that have survived from antiquity to modern times may be likened to a single cup of sand from a beach. But it’s not just major works from classical Greece and Rome that are lost. Some books by modern authors, too, have not survived the [...]

Danish amateurs launch home made rocket

Copenhagen Suborbitals have successfully launched their HEAT-1X rocket over the Baltic Sea. Perhaps the thought of a hair dryer being incorporated int…

International Head Games: Turning Sweden Against the Soviets

© Diego Lezama Orezzoli/CORBIS Sweden’s famed neutrality has often proved to be a somewhat flexible concept: occupying a central position in northern Europe, but with a smaller population than many of their neighbors, the Swedes have often had to make compromises to maintain their independence. During World War I, Sweden helped German intelligence eavesdrop on telegraph [...]

Vodka on the Rocks

Ah, the stupid things you do when you’re drunk. Here’s what happened to Michal Kawolski, 23, after a few hours of drinking: A Polish man had to be rescued by coastguards after he drifted out to sea on a sheet of ice clutching a bottle of vodka. Michal Kawolski, 23, had been drinking with pals at Gdansk [...]