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Canine Volleyball

(YouTube link) Rani and Kajol love playing with a balloon -and each other! They manage to keep this one from touching the ground for a good run -but you know what eventually happens to balloons. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Meat Balloons

“They’re made out of meat.” Well, plastic, actually. The design studio Object Design League made balloons that, when inflated, look like sausages and beef steaks. They’re on display at Japanese Premium Beef, a butcher shop and restaurant in New York City. Link -via Nerdcore

Edible Helium Balloon

(Video Link) Chefs at Chicago’s Alinea Restaurant devised a way to shape sugar into balloons, and then inflated the balloons with helium. How do you eat a sugar balloon? It’s not that different from eating a regular balloon. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Remote Controlled Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers

Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers - $39.95 We are excited to announce that Air Swimmers are back in stock at the NeatoShop. Now you can get your very own remote controlled balloon shaped like either a Clownfish (shown) or Flying Shark.  Hurry! We have a very limited supply of these fantastic remote controlled balloons. Be sure to check [...]

Wedding Dress Made of Balloons

A wedding dress made of balloons just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but it’s definitely a bridal look guests will remember. Bonus: no pricey dry cleaning bill after the wedding. And apparently this concept isn’t as original as you would think – Yahoo! has a whole gallery of finery made from balloons. Link

How to Use Balloons to Create Chocolate Cups

Bakerella cooked peanut butter and chocolate chip chocolate pudding and poured it into completely edible chocolate bowls. To make the bowls, she dipped balloons in chocolate and refrigerated them. Once they solidified, she just popped the balloons and removed the rubber. Link -via Craft

Easter Egg Balloons

Why decorate eggs when you can make a bigger splash with Easter balloons? If you have the right markers, they won’t smudge or fade out, and the process is quite simple. Link -via Rue the Day

Illoom Balloons

I remember seeing videos of sky lanterns released during the Taiwan Lantern Festival and thinking how beautiful, how amazing, how dangerous! The sky lanterns are made of paper, illuminated by candles, and released into the air to float as long as they will. This is something I’d like to try myself, if it weren’t for [...]

Grape Dog Costume

Looking to torture your four-legged friend with the sound of squeaking balloons and the feeling of extra bumpers that prevent him from getting comfortable? Look no further than this adorable, yet highly unfunctional dog grape costume. Link Via Craftzine Image Via Doggie Stylish

Two Balloon Surprise

(YouTube link) This surprised me. What happens when you connect two balloons, one blown up much bigger than the other? I thought for sure they would equalize. Doesn’t air rush out harder from a fully-inflated balloon than from a partially-inflated balloon? Even the explanation puzzles me. Are there any scientists around who could explain more thoroughly? [...]