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Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip

With a 3D printer, Joaquin Baldwin was able to make a Möbius strip showing the first level of Super Mario Bros. It doesn’t matter which castle the Princess is in. Mario will be trapped in an unending hell, forever moving forward but getting nowhere. Link -via Nerdcore

Accidentally Public Proposal

(YouTube link) Josh Mullins asked Ashlee Baldwin to marry him as soon as she picked him up at the airport. Meanwhile, a local TV news crew was broadcasting just down the sidewalk. The crew spotted Josh and Ashlee in the background of the shot and knew what he was doing. The reporter then just had to [...]

Liberace’s 15 Most Extravagant Possessions

While Liberace’s talents on the ivory keys made him famous, it was his showmanship that made him one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies. But it was his flamboyance that shaped his legacy. In honor of the late performer’s birthday (May 16), let’s take a look at some of the [...]

Vegan Taxidermy

Sculptor and nature lover Aimée Baldwin creates realistic stuffed birds without any bird parts! These are made with hand-cut crepe paper feathers over individually-shaped foam and paper-mâché body, with wire legs, sculpted claws and beaks, and taxidermy glass eyes* *(glass eyes are the only pre-fabricated part of the birds) Her gallery of works includes extinct birds, which a [...]

SUNDAY – “Great Migrations,” the Latest Mega Nature Documentary

Premiering Sunday, November 7, on the National Geographic Channel: Great Migrations. Set your DVRs — the seven-part series is set to air at 7pm Eastern and 8pm Pacific. We live in a wonderful era for nature documentaries. In recent years we’ve seen mega documentaries like Planet Earth and Life capture headlines, and with good reason — [...]