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Mugshots Of Extremely Hip Troublemakers

The hipster baddies in these mugshots look so cool I wanna join their gang! These rebels without a care were arrested in the late 1960s (and one in 1970) around Minneapolis, Minnesota, and probably set the fashion bar pretty high in their holding cells. Being stylish isn’t a prerequisite for a life of crime, but it doesn’t [...]

Beware The Wrath Of The #1 Dad

(YouTube Link) Father’s Day has never been so action packed, or so deadly… Watch as the #1 Dad gets revenge on the baddies who ruined his barbecue, one fatherly task at a time. But can he defeat the mad toolbox skills possessed by the Carpenter? –via TDW

Monsters Having Fun

Those Photoshop geniuses over at Something Awful forum are at it again – this time, they imagined what movie monsters and baddies do for fun. Geeks Are Sexy has the highlights: Link | more at Something Awful