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A Dark Knight BatPod Made Out Of Scrap Metal Parts

An industrious biker/Dark Knight fan built this sweet looking, and fully functional, BatPod motorcycle out of scrap metal and spare parts, so now he gets to ride around his town in Vietnam looking like a boss. All together this badass Batman bike cost creator Tung Lam a mere $480 bucks to build! I guess you don’t [...]

Ice Noodling

(YouTube link) Okay, who’s got the best “In Soviet Russia” joke for this? It may look like a badass noodling expedition, but that’s not what happened. He caught this fish with a line, but could not pull it through the ice without breaking the line and losing the catch, so he retrieved it manually. And you [...]

Danny Trejo Is The Epitome Of Badass

(YouTube Link) We all know Danny Trejo is a badass as far as actors go, but now he’s going to star in a movie that casts him officially as Badass. Loosely based on the true story of Epic Beard Man, a guy who valiantly defended himself on the bus and became an internet sensation because of his [...]

The Most Badass Predator Sculpture Ever Made

What could possibly make the Predator alien more badass than he’s already proven himself to be? Make a full-sized likeness of him out of metal! Standing 8 feet 2 inches tall and weighing over 11 hundred pounds, Steampunk Predator is custom made from various parts, automotive and otherwise, and recycled metal. Check out more from Kreatworks [...]