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Strange Vintage Photos Of Children With Hidden Mothers

The old timey photos in this series all have one eerie quality in common-the mother’s identity has been concealed. Whether with shroud, or by simply scraping the face away, erasing their identity seems like an odd thing to do when they’re posed for a picture with their children. Maybe they were having a bad hair day, [...]

This Kung Fu Flick Is Full Of WTF Moments

(YouTube Link) The strangeness of the Kung Fu film known as “Demon of the Lute” goes well beyond language barriers and cultural idioms. This movie is downright nutty, even the YouTube description sounds crazy: Bear witness to Yuan Fei’s heroic struggle against the soulless ginger, Red Haired Evil, and his logic-defying pal, Eagle Man. Shazam! Isn’t it [...]