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Forgetful Driver

I bet I know someone who had a bad day. That guy, he had a bad day. -Via Daily Picks and Flicks

CG Animated Short – The Butterfly Effect

(Vimeo Link) There’s good looking CG animation and then there’s The Butterfly Effect, a short that is so gorgeous I want to tell the creators Dan Sumich and Passion Pictures to reel it in a bit, because they’re making everybody else look bad! It’s about a guy having a particularly bad day, let’s just leave it at [...]

Bad Day Cakes

A nice gift of a cake can make someone feel better when they’ve had a bad day, but there’s no good to come of reminding them of what made it so bad! Unless you count the entertainment value of posting the cake to Cake Wrecks. See more bad day cakes in this collection. Link

Rainbow Pancakes

How can you possibly have a bad day when you start it with rainbow pancakes? Link -via Buzzfeed