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The Most Comical Star Trek Parody I’ve Ever Seen

(YouTube Link)  This ridiculous parody comes to us courtesy of Turkish YouTubers dokuztaneprogramla, who appear to have a knack for making cheese, and mistranslating Turkish into English. At least I hope some of those subtitles were mistranslated, or else these guys are even crazier than I thought! Watch as Captain Hooey and his intrepid band of schmucks [...]

Writer in the Window

In 1984, author Georgelle Hirliman got a bad case of writer’s block and decided that she needed to shake things up, so she set up shop with her typewriter in a storefront so passer-bys can come and interact. Georgelle died in 2010, but a new writer named Lauren DeRosa has stepped up to take her [...]

I Have a Bad Case of the Pon Far …

I Have a Bad Case of the Pon Farr And You’re The Cure! – $19.95 Quick! Get this Pon Farr T-shirt from the NeatoShop before the blood fever sets and death is inevitable. Who knows, it may help geeks find their mates during Star Trek conventions … Link | I’m Giving Her All She’s Got T-Shirt [...]