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Nightwing Fan Film Brings The Goods Without The Bat

(YouTube Link) Batman sidekick turned badass with a bad attitude Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is the star of this fan made short film by Jeremy Le & Danny Shepherd. Overall I enjoyed watching this short, it had good directing, nice visual effects and excellent costuming, but the bad acting did make some scenes feel a bit cheesy. Still, [...]

Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates

(YouTube Link) This super strange short is called Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates, starring (surprise!) Super Dingo, a genetically modified dingo with a cyber eye and a bad attitude. It’s a comedic masterpiece starring a guy in a furry suit, a hilariously disheveled band of pirates, and a narrator so stereotypical it’s hard to put your finger [...]

Custom Predator Helmet With Built-In Targeting Laser

It’s safe to say that this is one of the most epic pieces of cosplay gear I’ve ever seen: a custom made Bone Hunter Primal Elder Predator helmet, complete with built-in tri-dot laser sight and a bad attitude. This incredibly detailed helmet was made by Mike Loh, and if you can scrape up a mere $1050 [...]

Would You Adopt The Most Evil Dog Ever?

Pig farmer Tem Sosa of Norfolk, UK, is giving away her pet border collie, “Evil Bob.” Problem is, Bob has little redeeming quality, as this hilariously frank advertisement in the website Preloved clearly states: Evil Bob would love to find the perfect home as i have put up with him for nearly 10 years and cant [...]