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Droplet of Water Inside a Droplet of Water in Space

Photo: André Kuipers/Flickr Photo: ESA/NASA On his last day aboard the International Space Station, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers decided to have a little fun with antibubbles. So what’s [...]

Everybody Jump

People ask the question every once in a while, “What would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time?” Sometimes they are specific in saying everyone on one side of the Earth. The short answer is: nothing. But Randall Munroe at xkcd explains that while the Earth wouldn’t move, there are a lot [...]

The Latest Videos from Mars

The Mars Curiosity rover had its eyes wide open as it landed on the red planet. Meaning, the forward-facing camera was taking color images as it landed. In a couple of videos released by NASA, you can see the heat shield falling away from the rover, the heat shield slamming into the planet, and the [...]

Every Major’s Terrible

Randall Munroe knows how hard it is these days to select your college major. He wrote a little song about it …well, he wrote a comic about it that you can sing to the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General.” There are three verses in total, which you can see [...]

There are two kinds of people in the world…

Dr. Phil Plait has them all figured out. But you know, this could be made into a flowchart, with people being born flowing into the right circle, a trickle of people flowing from the right to the left, and because of the death rate, there would be outflow from both circles. Read plenty more geeky [...]

Equinox Silliness

The vernal equinox is a day earlier than usual this year because we just had a leap day. Spring officially begins at 1:14 AM Tuesday in the US Eastern time zone, and that means Monday night in the western part of the country. Some people celebrate the equinox by standing a broom on end or [...]

Galactic Storm

This is fantastic – and since it’s impossible to capture the grandeur of the image on Neatorama’s teeny 500 pixel-wide image format, we won’t even try. Instead, you should head on over to Earth Science [...]

Temporal Distortion

(vimeo link) You’ve seen time-lapse videos of the night sky here before, but this one is particularly beautiful, awe-inspiring, and soothing. It’s even more impressive in full-screen mode. Randy Halverson shot the scenes in South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, and Wisconsin. You have to get way out beyond the light pollution to see the stars this way! [...]

14 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

Here are a few wonderfully geeky cards for the special nerd in your life. It takes a special person to be able to read binary code quickly enough to realize you’re pronouncing your love for them with this cute card by Etsy seller TheWallaroo. Even the sky is filled with romance, as long as you know where [...]

Wait Just a (Leap) Second

At the end of June this year, those who do this sort of thing will add an extra second to the world’s official clocks to keep us on the right track. This gets a bit detailed — which is where the fun is! — but in short it goes like this. We have two systems to [...]