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Living in a big city sure is convenient and exciting, but it often lacks that one thing: a back yard. So what to do when you live in an apartment (in Manhattan) without a backyard? Rent one for $50 an hour. Add-on amenities include popsicles, trampoline, slip ‘n’ slide, BBQ, play pool, garden hose … [...]

Weedrobes: Prom Dress Created from Yucca Plant

Photo link Who knew invasive plant species could be so gorgeous? Artist Nicole Dextras scoured her backyard (and her neighbors’) for wearable weeds to comment on environmental issues in the fashion industry, such as the need for sustainable materials. This prom dress was made from Yucca plants found in her neighbor’s backyard. Dextras said she was [...]

10 Fantastic Ways To Recycle Tires

Old tires are used for backyard swings and shredded for playground mulch, but that’s only the beginning of ways to use tires that are no longer road-worthy. This garden house was covered with tire treads to make it weatherproof. See more imaginative ways to reuse rubber at Killer Web Directory. Link (Image source: Millegomme)

Tiny Justice League

The backyard is safe again, thanks to Tiny Justice League! HGTV fan kamila1 submitted this cute photo of Supertot (9 month old) and his trusty companions Batdog (9 years Lab) and Wonderdog (e years Australian Shepherd): Link – via Quiddity

The Late Movies: Wildlife Recreation

“Look Ma, there’s a wild animal in the backyard! Get the video camera!” There are lots of fun things to do in our backyards, so who can blame the creatures who want to come and play? Just have your camera ready! Fox on a Slide He tried his best. * Sheep at a Swingset He’s not using it, he’s conquering it! * Bears [...]