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Eye of Sauron Wedding Cake

It doesn’t say specifically that this fabulous cake was made for a wedding, but the tables in the background are a giveaway. The cake is a recreation of Sauron’s Barad-Dûr Tower in the Lord of the Rings saga. It was made by Cake Central member solociachef21. Link -via Geekologie

Seeing Black and White Make People More Judgmental

Seeing things in black and white can make you more judgmental, literally! A new study shows that people who look at things with black-and-white background are less likely to see moral dilemmas: Schnall and her [...]

UFO filmed at air show in Chile

A strange fast-moving object is seen in the background during an acrobatic display at an air show. The footage taken at El Bosque Air Force Base promp…

Exploding light filmed over Phoenix

A mysterious explosion that lit up the sky was filmed in the background during a live traffic report. The incident comes just days away from the 15th …

Is a life of crime all in the genes ?

Could lifelong criminals be genetically programmed to break the law regardless of their background ? Criminologists have long argued that a tendancy t…

Enormous Eye of Sauron Back Tattoo

What’s most impressive is the shading of the background (assuming that’s not just back hair). The husband of member whoopsadaisydoodles acquired this tattoo, no doubt to impress him/her. Link -via Geekologie

Sweden Developing Invisible Tank

Swedish engineers are working on a tank that will be able to blend into the background — whatever that background may be. It’s covered with a skin that can change its appearance: The technology is based on sheets of hexagonal ‘pixels’ that are able to change temperature very quickly. On-board cameras collect images of the vehicle’s background [...]

Hidden Literary References in the Mona Lisa?

A Queen’s University Classics professor may have found a reference that Dan Brown missed. Ross Kilpatrick believes the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, incorporates images inspired by the Roman poet Horace and Florentine poet Petrarch. The technique of taking a passage from literature and incorporating it into a work of art is known [...]

"Cosmic bruises" suggest other universes

Scientists have discovered evidence that parallel universes ‘jostled’ our own in the very distant past. Patterns found in the background microwave rad…