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Back to the Future LEGO Set

Suggested by fans, the LEGO company will be rolling out a Back to the Future LEGO Set in mid-2013. And better yet, the designers are donating their royalties to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. Link

DIY Back To The Future Clock

Great Scott! Now this is awesome: Phillip Burgess wrote the instruction of how you can create the Time Circuit Clock from Back to the Future with Adafruit gear. Check it out: Link  [...]

Marty McFly by Hanksy

Hello! Hello! Anybody home? Think McFly, think: who else but street artist Hanksy can make this graffiti of Marty McFly from Back to the Future? Via Nerd Approved and Bowery [...]

Nike produces ‘Back to the Future’ shoes

1,500 pairs of auto-lacing shoes like those in Back to the Future have been put up for auction by Nike. The iconic shoes that were worn in the films b…

How Marty McFly Met Doc Brown

One of the authors at mental_floss asked managing editor Jason English a question he couldn’t answer, so he asked the readers. “Is it ever explained why Marty hangs out with Doc Brown? He’s just in Doc’s house to start the movie and it’s just implied that they’re good friends.” — Brett Savage Among the many comments at that [...]

Science Fiction IKEA Manuals

Inevitably, you’ll open your toolbox and find three Gungans but not a single Torx wrench. At the link: Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park. Link | Cartoonist’s Website