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Cat Raising Baby Chicks

A farmer in China noticed something really strange about his cat. She doesn’t eat chicken. Instead, Niu Niu has taken 30 young chicks under her wing (so to speak), and even licks them clean. “I came back home and found Niu Niu had got into the chicks’ box and I thought she was going to eat [...]

The People’s Artist: Qi Baishi

Thursday was the 53rd anniversary of the death of Qi Baishi (1864-1957), who is considered an “obscure Chinese artist” by westerners but “the Picasso of China” by the Chinese. So, in the hopes of educating the west about this influential Chinese painter, today’s post is devoted to Qi Baishi. 1. Copying figures and motifs from The [...]

Animals That Can Count

Michael Tennesen writes in Scientific American that biologists suspect that robins, baby chicks, rhesus monkeys, and parrots may have the ability to count. Although they may not have fixed numerals, they have have concepts of relative quantities: Elizabeth Brannon of Duke University has conducted similar experiments with rhesus monkeys, getting them to match the number of [...]