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Two Hamsters, One Wheel

(YouTube link) Just what it says on the tin. Simply watching two hamsters on an exercise wheel will may your day go a little better. -via b3ta


(YouTube link) We tend to take them for granted, but doors are quite useful, aren’t they? The song is from Elliot Mason with video by Mike Fordham. -via b3ta

Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind

(vimeo link) Some things are so obvious, it only took a quarter-century for someone to think of this. (via b3ta)

Glottal Opera

(YouTube link) Thread tiny cameras through the singers’ noses and focus on the larynx. Then have them sing sweetly and see what it looks like deep inside. The singers are Juleiaah Boehm, Emma Deans, Alexi Kaye, and Sally Stevens. -via b3ta

Movie Poster Mash Ups

(L) B3ta user Mighty Nibus; (R) hYpe Back in July, the B3ta community created some of the most creative movie poster mash-ups I’ve seen in a long while. As the two examples above show, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best (of course, it helps to be mad genius photoshoppers): Link – via The Litter Box [...]