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Axe Cop Is Here To Save Halloween

(YouTube Link) To say that Axe Cop is one of the best comics ever is an understatement, because Axe Cop is THE BEST EVER!!  Now we’ve got a cartoon featuring Axe Cop to watch, and as a teaser Fox has given us a sample of the madness that awaits us when this axe wielding cop dresses up [...]

Axe Cop: The Cake

Axe Cop’s favorite food is birthday cake with a candle of himself on it, so when 6-year-old Nathan requested an Axe Cop cake for his birthday, that served as the starting point for inspiration. Link

Gimli, Son of Adorable

I don’t know that having his axe will do much to help protect the realm, but at least he’s sure to slay any scary ring wraiths with pure cuteness. Link

Susan Glenn

Usually, AXE deodorant body spray takes the low road of advertising. Their ads – humorous and effective as they are – can be summed up simply as (boobs) “use this to get chicks” (boobs). But not this one. Check out the “Susan Glenn” ad, as narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, and tell us if it’s a better form [...]

Effective Tree Cutting Method

(YouTube link) This guy gets the award for the most efficient lumberjack ever. You might not believe that seeing him chop away with an axe at the beginning, but stay with it. -via the Presurfer

Dragonborn Fluttershy

Modern Warmare’s Dovahshy comes with an axe. But she doesn’t need it. She has The Stare. Dovahshy’s gear is based on the in-game armor, and heavily improvised by me to fit the equine form. She has a holstered axe, which you can see here [link] or in the linked tumblr entry. It’s a completely original design [...]

Axe Cop Is Coming to Television!

Axe Cop, the story of a heroic cop with an axe, was the brainchild of 5-year old Malachai Nicolle and 29-year old Ethan Nicolle. Malachai writes the stories and Ethan, a professional cartoonist, draws them. Now two years after the launch of their landmark comic, Fox announced that it has ordered six fifteen-minute episodes of [...]

Amputee Plans to Climb Mount Everest with a Prosthetic Ice Axe Arm

Jaco van Gass, a British soldier from South Africa, lost an arm in Afghanistan. That’s not slowing him down a bit. He plans to climb Mount Everest, making use of a prosthetic arm that he helped design himself: He said: “I came up with the idea to attach an ice axe to one of my prosthetics, [...]

Axe-Wielding Bird

(YouTube link) Watch out for this angry bird! He’s got an AXE and he knows how to use it! Will nothing stop him? -via Buzzfeed

Live Action Axe Cop

(Video Link) Axe Cop is a webcomic written by a 5-year old and drawn by a 29-year old professional cartoonist. This deliciously loopy premise has been turned into a short, high-quality live action movie by Peter Muehlenberg. via io9 | Axe Cop