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Hilarious Bad Prom Pictures

Prom night can be a terrifying and wondrous experience, full of fashion faux pas, unexpected acne outbreaks and awkward moments in teen angst. So why not enjoy the hilarity of it all by looking at a bunch of funny prom pictures? Peruse the gallery at your leisure and be thankful that your prom night pics didn’t make [...]

Awkwardness and Bawdy Talk: 7 Tales of Presidential Courtship

You may be surprised to learn that not every politician is equipped with romantic game. Here are the stories of a few presidents who had a little difficulty garnering the affections of the first lady – or at least had a few awkward moments during the courtship. Learn from their fumbles, and be grateful that [...]

The Cat and His Boy

(Video Link) There can be awkward moments when you’re a house guest. But it gets really uncomfortable when you realize that one of the people who lives in the house is a weirdo, as this ad for the Shelter Pet Project illustrates. Organization Website -via reddit

Not Now, Skeletor!

Skeletor…well, he never really developed very keen social skills. Sometimes he just shows up to parties and such and tries to mingle like he’s friends with people who don’t know him or don’t really like him. And he generally doesn’t know when it’s time to leave. Not Now, Skeletor! is a new Tumblr blog that [...]