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Lumberjacks Sitting On Top of a Precariously Stacked Pile of Logs

Photo: MSCUA, University of Washington Libraries. Photo Coll 516 Back when old growth timber was plentiful and lives were cheap, this photograph of a 1932 logging crew in the Pacific Northwest showed how lumberjacks [...]

Ransom E. Olds on the Olds Pirate Racing Car

Photo: Wikipedia Zoom! Dark Roasted Blend has a fantastic collection of men fulfilling their need for speed. Take a look at their neat gallery of Land Speed Record Vehicles: Link [...]

Soviet Hydrofoil: Rocket of the Riverways

Soviet hydrofoil Burevestnik (Stormbringer), with two airplane turbine engines. Photo: We’ve covered the Soviet’s Ekranoplan before in our feature Bigger is Better: 7 Insane Soviet [...]

Match Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, Neatoramanauts! (Or to those who are married, Happy Tuesday!) I thought that this clever "match art" by Russian IT Specialist Stanislav Aristov, which went viral last year (but as often the case, [...]

The Coolest PC Case Mods on the Planet

“QUANTUM SHOT” #675Link – article by Radhika Seth and Avi Abrams Cool, Eccentric and Electrifying Beauties – PC Computer Case Mods Redefined This is the era where what kind of a computer you use literally defines your personality. It’s no longer the question of using a Mac or a PC; you are likely to find people who [...]