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Girls & Trucks! Part 1

“QUANTUM SHOT” #758Link – article by Avi Abrams A combination of big-eyed, 1960s-style girls with huge chromed trucks is simply unbeatable. As you surely know, we have a long-running popular series Girls & Cars (Vintage Photos). But today, we are looking at pretty girls stylishly and lovingly placed near big, powerful trucks – with loads of chrome [...]

Jaw-Dropping Concepts from Alfa-Romeo, 1953-1955

“QUANTUM SHOT” #21(rev)Link – by Avi Abrams A “Batmobile” That Never Was: Alfa Romeo B.A.T. Series, 1953-1955 Jaw-Dropping. That’s the best way to describe these four-wheeled winged wonders. “Startling”, “futuristic” and “mind-blowing” would work, too. This visually arresting trio of Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnicas – B.A.T. for short – were as radical in their day as the original [...]