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Pumpkin Proposal

How can a woman possibly say no to a man who put his heart and soul into this lovely autumn display? She didn’t; she said yes! Link

The Late Movies: Autumn

We’ve about completed the first week of autumn, and it’s been wonderful so far. Here’s some music to celebrate the season. Autumn Vivaldi’s Autumn, from the Four Seasons, set to appropriate photographs. * Autumn By Scottish singer Paolo Nutini. * Autumn By the Edgar Winter Group. * Autumn Leaves This version is sung by Doris Day. * Forever [...]

The Girl with Seven Horses

In a photo essay that uses laundry to form images of horses, photographer Ulrika Kestere tells this delightful story: Once upon a time there was a girl who had 7 invisible horses. People thought she was crazy and that she in fact had 7 imaginative horses, but this was not the case. When autumn came the [...]

Battlestar Choclactica

When Autumn of Geek6 challenged her friend Malaki to create Battlestar Galactica out of chocolate, he rose to the occasion. Color me impressed, here’s Battlestar Choclactica: Link – via Make

Teeny Tiny Books

This is sort of like the library necklace, but with real books. From the Publishing House of Miniature Books in Russia come these tiny masterpieces measuring less than half an inch tall. I used Google Language Tools to try and translate some of the titles, and found one title translated as “And Bunin. A. Antonovsky [...]