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Optimus Prime before He Was Famous

Optimus Prime wasn’t always the leader of the Autobots. Long before he took the Matrix of Leadership, he worked his way through college armed with a fryer and a griddle. You can see more pictures of this outstanding custom figure at the link. Link (Google Translate) -via Kotaku

Optimus Prime Knitted Hat

It’s cold outside, but that won’t stop us. Autobots, roll out! Etsy seller BeeBeeKins knitted this non-transforming hat for those days when your antifreeze is low. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Thespian Transformers Tattoo

Let us celebrate the 448th birthday of The Bard and his transforming impact on English literature. This image seems appropriate for the occasion. Back in college, Fashionably Geek reader Rebecca got this tattoo showing the masks of tragedy and comedy as Autobots and Decepticons. Link

Autobot Info

Cars are a huge part of geek culture, and nowhere is this more evident than the Transformers franchise, a comic/toy/movie line that has spent the last few decades dazzling us with stories of cars that turn into frickin’ robots and then pound the motor oil out of one another.¬†You’ve got your good guys, the Autobots, [...]