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Animal Pocket Knife

David Suhami’s Animal Pocket Knife is a fun toy that can unfold into three different animals: The safari “knife” is completely harmless, yet still beautiful enough to be appealing to discerning adult minds. The object features interchangeable heads, legs and tails for three animals: a rhino, an antelope and a giraffe.  If, like me, you have a warped [...]

Trololo in Heavy Metal

(Video Link) To mark the passing of Russian singer and viral video star Eduard Khil, heavy metal cover specialist Erock made this snappier version of “I’m So Happy That I’m Finally Home.” One redditor refers to him as “smiliest person on youtube,” which is appropriate, since Khil grinned throughout the original performance. -via reddit | Erock’s Website [...]

Hermit Crab Tries on LEGO Shell

(Video Link) Harry, a crab who lives at LEGOLAND (it’s apparently spelled in all capital letters) in Windsor, Berkshire, UK, decided to see what all the fuss was about. He found a shell crafted from LEGO blocks and slipped right in. Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Technabob

The Subwing Lets You Fly Underwater

(Video Link) While sailing in the Mediterranean, Simon Sivertson wondered what it would be like to be dragged behind a boat. This activity is not new, but the device that Sivertson developed in response allows the user to stay underwater and have greater control. The Subwing has two hinged diving planes that adjust pitch and spin. [...]

The World’s Largest Slingshot

Obviously, if one is capable of building the world’s largest slingshot, one should do so without delay. If the question is “When is an appropriate time to build a giant slingshot?”, the answer is always “Yes.” Therefore the dudes at the app development firm Dude Perfect did so, using a tree as the handle. Watch [...]

LED Snowboarding

(Video Link) After a busy day, there’s something very soothing and calming about Jacob Sutton’s video. The snowboarder, covered with lights, glides through the darkness. The frost parts before him without resistance, as though he was born for this movement. Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Colossal | Sutton’s Website

Vespa Computer Workstation

Australian designer David Giametta’s 1968 Vespa scooter was beyond restoration, but not beyond repurposing. He modded the back end into a hip laptop desk. Link -via Walyou (warning: auto-sound) P.S. Giametta took the front end of the scooter and turned it into a lounge chair.

Massive Spinning Metal Fountain

(Video Link) Skip ahead about a minute into the video to see this amazing work in action. David Cerny, an artist from the Czech Republic, made this 14-ton sculpture for a business park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its segments spin, align, and spit out streams of water. Link -via The Presurfer | Artist’s Website (warning: auto-sound)

Prehistoric Product Development Focus Group Examines the "Wheel" Concept

(Video Link) Yes, it’s round, which doesn’t sell well with male customers, but we can make it work! We just have to pitch it the right way. Click on the link to submit your own design idea, and then watch it be brutally rejected. Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Miss Cellania Previously: The Stop Sign, If It Were Designed [...]

Steampunk Trick-or-Treating Buckets

The standard orange trick-or-treating bucket is going to clash with your clever steampunk Smurfette Captain America in a utilikilt costume. But no worries: Yami Guru has you covered with his steampunk buckets. Link -via Walyou (warning: auto-sound)